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The online services offered by MediaStudio are all delivered as cloud computing, some of them according to the type of SaaS (Software as a Service) and other DaaS (Data as a Service). In SaaS programs, or web application, are created and installed on a remote server and interrogated in real time from any client.

Instead in Daas they are stored and made available via the web only the data (database) to which users, through compliant applications, can access them as if they were resident on the local disk.

The services offered are delivered on hosting space and bandwidth with guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, using the most modern security systems and are supported by a customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, directly by the staff of the Data center where they are physically located.




Through a CMS (Content Management System), created and developed directly by Mediastudio, invisible to the visitor of the website (general user) and protected by a username and password, the customer can manage dynamic content, graphics and text of the website.

The instrument is custom made on graphics and architecture of the client's website.

It is planned to multi-user access with the ability to show/hide certain areas in a dynamic way.




Mediastudio has developed an advanced solution for your online visibility. It is very important and includes several activities:


Web optimization

Positioning (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pay per click

Banner Campaign

Social Media Management



Mediastudio will analyse and recommend the best techniques to be used specifically for the customer and, upon request , allows it to manage the creation /modification /deletion of keywords and all of those tags that help positioning, such as the titles of pages and their descriptions.




With the outbreak of the use of smartphones for browsing the Internet, Mediastudio allows you to develop and /or turn your standard website, and lighter version optimized for mobile devices, using certified frameworks that allow the proper display on the most popular systems:





Blackberry OS

and many others.




With this package the customer has kind of a virtual hard drive, always online, where he can operate, inside it, in complete autonomy, the archiviation of documents in folders.
Loading within this area can be done either via HTTP and FTP. The module has the following most important features:


Content protected by authentication by username and password (login information unique or personal)

Splitting documents into folders (tree structure)

Manage users and group division

Management visibility of the documents permits, for a group or individual user

Login page, password recovery and registration, the latter only on request


B2B and CRM pack


B2B (Business to Business) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are two web applications that Mediastudio has created and developed over the years. These two software are installed directly on the remote server, accessible online via a secure authentication, username and password, which the database is updated directly by the corporate management of the client, in real time or at a defined time interval.

The data transfer from the management company to the remote server is guaranteed through a tunnel (encrypted connection) SSH cryptographic asymmetric.

The main difference between the two systems is that the former (B2B) is a tool for viewing and monitoring of data, while the second (CRM) as well as monitoring offers several features of interaction:


Managing client cards

Create and send newsletters

Create and send suverys

And much more...


Both offer the ability to create 4 types of users: administrators, business users, agents and customers. Each of them displays only access data reserved to him.

up to 1 from      4.000,00
up to 2 from      7.500,00
up to 5 from     13.000,00
up to 10 from     18.000,00
up to 20 from     26.000,00
up to 30 from     35.000,00
up to 50 from     48.000,00
over 50 from     65.000,00
(NOTE: Prices shown are VAT excluded)



Mediastudio has created an e-commerce pack, customized on request of the customer and adaptable to any website, from online sales of products to the management of the entire process of purchase, and after sales service. Through the module, you can:


Create /edit /delete products for sale and related information (descriptions, prices, etc)

Managing your cart
(insert products, change quantities, delete)

Choose the method of payment (bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit card, Paypal or other circuits, etc)

Register users and logs

View order history and relevant details

View the terms of sale and other documents

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